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Sadhana means daily spiritual practice.  While this can be a personal practice, in the Kundalini tradition we gather to practice together in the morning to set the tone and rhythm for our day.  The greatest reward of doing sadhana is that the person becomes incapable of being defeated.  Sadhana is the technique to discipline yourself, so that you can handle the pressures of daily life.  It gives you the tools needed to navigate through life with ease.

We will begin with Surya Kriya to purify the body and mind. This powerful yoga set gives you ambition and drive to accomplish anything you put your mind to.  Following this is the Aquarian Sadhana Mantra Meditations.  These mantras were prescribed by Yogi Bajhan specifically for the age we are in, the Aquarian Age.


What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a technology. It is comprised of the full spectrum of yogic tools—mantra (sacred sound), asana (posture), mudra (hand position), bandha (body lock), meditation (mindful focus), and pranayama (breathing technique) Kundalini is also very specific. You might be working on a Kriya (sequence of exercises) to target the lungs, the digestive system, to balance the head and the heart, to energize the spine, strengthen your magnetic field or bring prosperity. What you might notice after the first class is more energy, the ability to sleep more soundly, a brighter mood and a calmer mind.

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