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Journey to Handstand

Have you made the decision that YOU are never going to do a handstand? That you can’t, don’t know how, just aren’t built for it?

Do you look at other people who try them, or who seem to have “mastered” them, and put yourself in a completely different category?

Is a handstand something that intrigues you? Or could you care less?

Do you think to yourself, “I am not strong enough, young enough, athletic enough?”

Well guess what??? This workshop is for you!

Get ready to explore this posture in a way like never before. This workshop is more than just a posture workshop. This is an opportunity for us to learn from this idealized posture in a way that will help us grow our entire practice, as well as ourselves.

As we begin to explore what bubbles up to the surface when we think about, or attempt, a handstand, we will start applying radical self-love principles to the process of learning how to stand on our hands. This is where it gets fun and interesting!

Yoga means union. The postures show us all the places within ourselves where there is discord and judgment. This helps us to realign things so that they express our highest nature. And when we are coming from our highest nature, it’s amazing what is possible.

Come play with us. Explore your body with us. Learn more about what’s required to do a handstand. And, learn more about yourself, your strengths, and just how capable you really are! You can expect to re-enter the world feeling more ease, more flow, and more inspiration.

Located on Cardinal


Earlier Event: January 12
*Pop-Up Level Movement
Later Event: February 13
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